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Friday, April 24, 2009

Beep Egg

The clever little egg that sings to you when your boiled egg's cooked to perfection. You'd think boiling an egg couldn't be simpler, but we find it remarkably hard to get it just right. Boiling water, or cold water? Does that bubble mean it's officially started to boil yet or should I wait a little? The egg came from the fridge so will it take longer? Do two eggs take longer to boil than one? If I watch the eggs will they take longer to cook? These and many other questions can all be forgotten thanks to the BeepEgg. Pre-loaded with three different tunes, the BeepEgg will play a different tune depending on how cooked your egg is. Killing me softly - for those of us who like a runny egg, I wish I was a hen - for the person who likes a bit of a firm yolk, but wants to be able to dunk their soldiers in something, and Carmina Burana (type it into google - you'll know it when you hear it) - for the egg lover who likes a solid bite to their egg. It doesn't come much simpler than that. For best results we do advise you to keep the BeepEgg in the fridge with all of your other eggs as the internal thermostat will only be accurate if the BeepEgg is the same temperature as the real eggs throughout the cooking process. The BeepEgg makes boiling an egg as easy as... well, boiling an egg!

p/s... like i'll buy...

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