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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


i was browsing through the internet reading thru about our Malaysian proud Proton Preve which is the most advanced local cars we proud of. regardless all effort from Proton team in producing this latest amazing cars built for Malaysian and global market, i feel there is something lack of detailing makes Preve design is off-balance. and one of them is the rear and front light design. it's just like a "plug-in" or "add-on" item. perhaps it's not blend into it.

while browsing, accidentally i came across this awesome clip from Mercedes how they infused the lighting and the overall design itself making it look awesome... and somewhat the clips is like a cut-scene from Transformers movie 

video klip ini sekadar inspirasi untuk kita semua I'M PROUD TO BE MALAYSIA

Everest Trash to Treasure

Neepali artist has transformed this 1.7 tons of litter left at Mt. Everest into valuable arts. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Re-molded tire (tayar celop)

Penah dengar tayar CELUP? nak tau cmna tayar celup ni dbuat. tngok vid bawah ni

Thursday, November 1, 2012

V-ray at Siggraph Asia Singapore 2012

Those of you familiar with V-ray, their company ChaosGroup will be joining Siggraph Asia 2012 which will be held at Singapore this coming 28th November until 1st December 2012. There will be showcasing by the V-ray latest enhancements including demoreel, together with their top client at the exhibition.

So  be sure to join them.

By the way this is some of the example of the V-ray rendering for those who not familiar yet. ENJOY!
(Click for larger picture)