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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alien talk

Would you like to talk to an alien? Seriously, are you? Yes you are - and of course me too. But they don't speak Earth's language, so how then? A scientist named John Elliot working on it.

According to several sources within the Buzz, the Englishman is developing a way to decipher alien languages into understandable words and sentences. How can he do this when no aliens have ever given voiceover samples? A blog from Discover Magazine explains that Elliott developed a computer program that analyizes 60 languages from around the world. The goal is to be able to find a trend among those very different languages that will reveal a pattern in the way aliens may communicate."

Crystal VIsion

name of design : swarovski mouse
design by : jeremy doherty + simon Doherty + dareen Doherty from new zealand

"designer's own words:
By manipulating the design of an item used everyday into a sensual, feminine form we have created a personal gesture for the urban lifestyle of the working woman. The design of the mouse is a play on the form of the Swarovski logo. With this wireless computer mouse, we see the neck of the Swan supporting the crystal which is used as the toggle tool to scroll up and down, here we have created a tactile and innovative use for the crystal with which the user interacts. The body of the Swan becomes the body of the mouse which supports the users hand and leads the users fingers up to the two buttons located alongside the crystal. Finally, a subtle Swarovski logo has been included in the design at the base of the mouse."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Erlend Mark

I glance through internet - while doing my job, of course - and I open one of my bookmark on Mozilla, and wow, i don't remember i've visited this website - - and he's a blogger too. But rather different from mine.

He's rather an artist, in kind of CREEPY art, but interesting. Just have a scroll, maybe it can refresh you up from stress of your job.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

T-Mobile G1

Never heard of a GPhone? or Googlephone? Better be, because latest T-Mobile G1 will be coming out... soon! Check out this website for more information...

I knew a PC when i was in form 2. I was amazed by then. Its abilities to do many things, luring me deeper to learn it and explore it more and more. Until i've found an interesting site, all about computer.

For those interested in computing, have a look into this website.

Column are separated into 9 main chapter. Those whose interested in all computing and hardware they are provided with Hardware, Bits, Columns, News, and Forums. If you're interested to buy any product they reviewed - and of course it was all awesome - you can have a go in Shopping column.

OR if you are a gamers, and modding-madness hardcore, why don't you play around in Gaming and Modding section. Its all about hardcore, and extreme chapter which providing you with latest news on games and of course D-I-Y computing.

Here are some previews of them, have a look, and keep rolling: