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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One whole-of-louvres ‘163 PRS / olivers place’ by moxon

"‘163 PRS / olivers place’ by moxon is an office building located in the north west of england. the building is perhaps most striking for its unusual façade. while the main exterior is clad in glass, a superstructure sits on top of it featuring an array of aluminium fins all oriented in the same direction. this unusual faced creates many optical effects which alter based on the viewer’s perspective. look at the side and the building will seem to be in motion, while looking at the front allows you to see the glass dotted by the fins. the fins are definitely an aesthetic choice, but they also serve as sun and rain protection. while the building was designed a few years ago, it was submitted for planning last fall and if approved will begin construction."


  1. apakah fungsi bangunan diatas?

  2. itu bangunan pejabat, kedudukan louvres tu actually follow sun path. so at certain time, reducing direct sun light into the building and creating nice shadow effect into the building... uuuuu syok ooooo