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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


To spotlight the equality cause, FAIR has teamed up with over 80 celebrities (everyone from Robert De Niro to Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson to Jared Leto) and had them sign and, in some cases, customize the original Shepard Fairey "Love Unites" print, which you can find available for download below. The customized pieces are being auctioned off online here.

Deviants — it’s YOUR turn to customize the "Love Unites" print and have Shepard Fairey judge your creation! For this contest, we’re asking you to remix and re-imagine the original "Love Unites" print. The contest is open to ALL deviantART members, EVERYWHERE in the world. Not only is this a great opportunity to help promote a fantastic cause, but the final winners will be chosen by Shepard Fairey himself! This is a huge deal; so have fun and get creative with the "Love Unites" design, get your work checked out by Shepard Fairey, and win some awesome prizes.


(p/s: only for deviantart member. register >> here

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