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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LightSaber Umbrella

When the weather's been corrupted by the dark side of the force (as it often is on this sunny isle of ours) what better way to keep yourself dry than with the Lightsabre Umbrella? At first glance it looks just like any other ordinary umbrella, but one click of the button on the handle will illuminate the shaft in a bright flash of Jedi white that's sure to scare off those evil Sith Lords waiting to pounce in the rain. Or it might just make you look super cool on your commute to work. Stand out and be noticed the next time it rains and make your way to the office Jedi style

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U.... huahuahua... yearghhh


  1. tambah lagi reaction. e.g ntahpape, biasa je, or pape la..

  2. maol mesti beli ni.. ahahaha!