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Friday, February 6, 2009

mission motors electric motorcycle by yves behar's fuseproject

"fuse project has worked closely with mission motors
to create a motorcycle that is a true intersection of sustainability,
technology performance and design. 'riding the wind' was one of the concept expressions.
what is absent from traditional motorcycles, and what is new to create unique design features.
what's different? what's absent? no gas-tank, no tail pipe.
the top portion of the motorcycle is an iconic continuous line that brings together comfort
and performance: the rider's chest is cradled in an convex tank area allowing a lower position,
the seat and and tail-light integrated into one lightweight dynamic line.
what is new? a battery pack enclosed in a lightweight aluminum structure, covered
by honeycombed detailed angular skins, that integrate all mechanical elements: from
the flush front headlight, to the aerodynamic leg recessed cuts. designed to express speed
and efficiency in it's overall sharp lines, the mission bike also is highly detailed with special
attention to a riders needs, bringing a high level of product design and ergonomics to a new
generation of performance transportation.

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