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Monday, December 22, 2008

Zaha Hadid new Library

Zaha Hadid has been well known for its sculpture-deconstructivist building. And she's also known as an architect who won many competition held in the world. This new library also won by hers.

'the new library and learning center rises as a polygonal block from the center of the new university campus.the design takes the form of a cube with both inclined and straight edges. the straight lines of the building’s exterior separate as they move inward, becoming curvilinear and fluid, generating a free-formed interior canyon that serves as the central public plaza. all the other facilities of the LLC are housed within a single volume that also divides,
becoming two separate ribbons that wind around each other to enclose this glazed gathering space.

'I am delighted to be working in vienna as I have a close affiliation with the city. as a center of research, the library and learning center is forum for the exchange of ideas. it is very exciting for us to be part of the university’s expansion.' zaha hadid

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