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Thursday, November 6, 2008


would you like to live in sky?

" MVRDV and co-architects ADEPT have won a competition to design a new tower in rødovre, an independent municipality of copenhagen, denmark. 'sky village' is a 116 meter tall tower which combines single family homes and skyscraper to create a vertical village. based on a flexible grid structure, the building is made-up of 60m² 'pixels' or units, that are arranged around the central core of the tower and can be joined or re-designated to form larger spaces. the lower floors of the tower accommodate a public plaza with retail, restaurants and office units, while the middle portion of the tower leans towards the north and creates a variety of sky gardens along the terraced south side of the building. the overall shape is meant to be a reflection of copenhagen's historical spire and aims to blend present day high-rise buildings into the skyline of the city. "


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